Leading sexologists on ShowMeHow


Paula Hall: "ShowMeHow is a much needed service that allows young people to de-mystify sex and access accurate and useful information in a non cringey way.  In my experience, many of the problems couples and individuals face in their sex life are a result of inadequate sex education – hopefully this service will go some way to rectify that.”

Drs Peter Leusink: “It appears from the many emails that I answered from young adults about their sexual questions and problems time and again that they want to know what is in fact normal about their body and how to behave sexually. They’re curious and open to other ideas, but porn is not the right frame of reference for them. The clear tone and the direct, explicit approach of the website fit in with their culture and their own perception of the environment. The site has an educational nature without being pedantic. It shows how it can be, and that is what young persons want to know. The question of young persons is how it’s done, whereas the site shows how it can be done without being a must.“

Sanderijn van der Doef: “Many young adults, and young men in particular, turn to the internet for information about sex. They often end up on porn sites, which provide an inaccurate and unrealistic impression of what sex and sexuality are about. In this way young adults often come away with the misleading impression that what they see on a porn site is the way it should be done. Recent research has indicated that what young adults really want is clear and frank information about sexuality, they want to know exactly how sex works and they want to know how to make it better and more enjoyable. This is what the Showmehow website aims to achieve, and we hope it will have a wide appeal to young adults. As a psychologist and sexologist and an expert in the field of sex information for young adults, I have been called in as a consultant to advise on the content of the site. This initiative has my whole-hearted support.”

Dr.  Woet L. Gianotten: “In many places of the world finding proper sex education is not easy. It frequently is based on don’t’s and the majority of the messages focuses on the dangers of sexual contact or even the sinful aspects. This series of ‘Showmehow’ films is completely different. The education is primarily based on the pleasure of sexual contact, and the undertone is one of respect and safety, with space for diversity. It is humorous and to the point, without being pedantic.  In short this is very recommended!”

Rutgers WPF: Rutgers WPF believes that the ‘ShowMeHow’website is an attractive and supplementary initiative. It provides explicit and thus very clear information about technical aspects of sexuality without being banal. Good information about sexuality should, however, be accessible to young adults free of charge. In the videoclips ample attention is paid to sexual techniques that also demonstrate that it is not immediately a matter of course. The site has a friendly look and feel and provides clear messages with a positive approach of sexuality, voluntariness and mutual respect in sexual relationships. These are messages that are endorsed by Rutgers WPF in the sexual and relational education. A recommendation for young adults. 

NVVS/ Dutch Association for Sexology: Gidia Jacobs, director of the NVVS: “This website bridges the gap between theory and practice. It provides information and useful tips for young adults who are just starting to become and those who are already sexually active. ShowMeHow discusses the technical, relational and emotional aspects of sexuality. The information it provides is clear, insightful and practical.”

Sensoa: Boris Cruyssaert of SENSOA: “The website is a good addition to existing initiatives. www.hoehetmoet.be shows in moving images how sexual techniques actually work. This is not porn, even if the film pictures are explicit. We know from experience that some young adults are looking for visual information. www.hoehetmoet.be gives that information with clear movies. We appreciate the fact that the films also emphasize safe sex, respect for each other and indicating that it doesn't always work. It's a project that meets a need, even though we don't like the name. We think that it is important to keep repeating that there is no must where it comes to sex, except for respecting each other's boundaries and those of yourself.”

VVS/ Flemisch Federation for Sexologists: Ilse Penne, chairman: “The association is of the opinion the www.hoehetmoet.be is an important addition to the existing information offered on sexuality and relationships. It is favorable that a lot of attention is drawn to basic skills and that the emphasis is placed on clear information on satisfying and erotic sex. It is good that the information is online available and therefore can be viewed 24/7 by everybody – in a discrete manner. The films are clear and give specific instructions. That is why we regret that the movies have to be paid for. Some young adults will not be able to find this good, visual information, because of this.“

Terrence Higgins Trust: Ben Tunstall, Head of Health Promotion at Terrence Higgins Trust: "At THT we're always looking for new and more effective ways to get sexual health messages across. In the UK, the quality of sex education varies widely, and too many young adults are leaving school without the information they need to stay safe. We welcome ShowMeHow's groundbreaking approach, and have worked closely with site developers to ensure anyone who buys a course will also receive advice on how to protect against STIs.”


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